When an appliance breaks down, your first thought is probably: How much is this going to cost? But after you enroll in one of our Appliance Service Plans, you’ll think differently. You’ll know you’re covered, and you’ll know just who to call, 24/7. It’s that peace of mind that makes these plans such a great value.


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The Plan Chosen by 200,000 Michigan Families

Every day, more and more families are signing up for the convenience and savings of our Appliance Service Plan. Here’s how you can choose the right protection plan for your home. Or, contact us at 800-230-1397.

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Every household is different. And so is every budget. Explore our Appliance Service Plans and choose the one that’s right for you.

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Make Safety a Priority

Improved home safety can start with your appliances. See what you can do to make your appliances safer and more efficient.

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When your appliances are running right, you feel more relaxed. Here’s a way to have that peace of mind all the time.

If you still have questions about your appliances, take a look at our FAQ.

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For full information about the plan, please read our Terms and Conditions. The Appliance Service Plans are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.