Appliance Service Plan Explained

Start by Deciding Which Appliances You Want to Protect

Before you pick an appliance protection plan, you need to know what’s covered—and what’s not. Can you choose just the appliances you use most? Or is it a comprehensive plan—which you may not need?

The Appliance Service Plan from Consumers Energy lets you cover only the appliances you want. And you’ll find a plan to fit any size budget.

To learn more about the Appliance Service Plan, call 800-230-1397.


What You Should Know About the Appliance Service Plan

Can I choose just the appliances I want?  
If the appliances can’t be repaired, is there an option to receive a cash allowance?*  
Are heating/cooling emergencies given priority?  
Is there a charge for covered parts?  
Are average response times under 48 hours?  
Is there a charge for labor?  
Is there a charge for service calls?  
Is the Call Center open 24/7?  
Are repairs done by licensed professionals?  
* Available with Gold Plan coverage.

The Appliance Service Plan – By the Numbers*

* Calls made in 2017.

$23 million

What repairs would have cost without the Plan


Calls made by ASP customers*


Michigan homes now covered by the Plan

Protection That Fits Your Needs and Budget

With the Plan, there are no hassles—we take care of it all.

When you need help, a licensed, local repair professional will be sent to get your appliance up and running again.

Plus, with The Plan, you never pay a service fee and there are no fees for labor or covered parts.

Best of all, this service is from Consumers Energy—the company Michigan has trusted for safe, reliable energy for over a century.


Ready to learn more? Give us a call at 800-230-1397.

For full information about the plan, please read our Terms and Conditions. The Appliance Service Plans are not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.