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All appliances break down. The Plan never will.

Your furnace stops cold on a sub-zero winter’s night. Your air conditioner loses its cool in the middle of a heat wave. Sooner or later, all appliances break down.

That’s why over 190,000 Michigan families depend on the Appliance Service Plan™ from Consumers Energy. They know The Plan protects their appliances, their comfort, and their peace of mind.

When you get The Plan, you won’t worry about a sudden breakdown breaking your bank account. In fact, a full year’s worth of coverage can cost much less than a single repair without The Plan.


  • Free service calls
  • No charge for covered labor, parts or repairs
  • Reliable service from experienced professionals
  • Priority scheduling for no heat and no air conditioning emergencies
  • Customer Service Representatives who will take your call 24/7

It’s easy to choose The Plan option that’s right for your home and your budget. Then you can join over 190,000 Michigan families who trust the year-round protection of the Appliance Service Plan from Consumers Energy.