Frequently Asked Questions

Plan Coverage
What is the length of the Appliance Service Plan contract?
Whether you prepay or pay in installments, the program is a one-year contract that will renew automatically.

What is included?
Coverage includes service calls, labor, covered parts and all parts not excluded under the Terms and Conditions on the items you have covered under your plan.

What parts are covered?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions for a list of covered parts and exclusions.

My appliances are very old, will the Appliance Service Plan still cover them?
All appliances must be in good operating condition when you enroll. Appliance Service Plan reserves the right to make an on-site inspection of your appliances, which must be reasonably clean and accessible at the time service is performed.

What if my appliances are new or nearly new?
Last year alone, Appliance Service Plan serviced over 140,000 appliances repairs for more than 85,000 customers. New or old, appliances break down unexpectedly. With the plan, breakdowns of covered appliances will not be a burden.
How The Plan Works
When can I start using the Appliance Service Plan after I enroll?
There is a 15-day waiting period before you can receive service.

What does it cost to have covered parts replaced?
Nothing. All covered parts and labor are included. However, if the cost of the parts to repair the covered appliances exceeds the market value, as determined by Appliance Service Plan and its agents, we reserve the right to not repair the appliance and recommend replacement at your expense.

Is there a limit to the number of service calls to my home during the year?
No. You receive unlimited service calls on covered appliances.

Will I receive no-heat emergency priority?
Yes, customers receive priority scheduling for no-heat emergencies.

What is the cancellation process?
Please refer to the Terms and Conditions.
Gold Plan Questions and Answers
What type of coverage does the Gold Plan provide?
Gold Plan coverage is a cash allowance program. If it is determined that (1) the cost of the repair for a covered appliance (covered on your base plan) exceeds the value of the appliance; (2) the appliance is not repairable; or (3) parts are no longer available, then you will receive a “cash allowance” toward the purchase of a new appliance.

How do I know if I am eligible to enroll in the Gold Plan?
To be eligible for enrollment, you must currently be enrolled in a Standard Plan for three months or more, and if you pay in installments, be in good standing with such payments.

When can I start using the Gold Plan?
There’s a 15-day waiting period before you can receive service under the Gold Plan.

What is the length of the Gold Plan contract?
Whether you prepay or pay in installments, it is a one-year contract that renews automatically, unless terminated, pursuant to the Gold Plan Terms and Conditions.

What is the cash allowance process?
You will receive a cash allowance according to the cash allowance schedule (please refer to the Gold Plan Terms and Conditions). Once a cash allowance has been paid on a covered appliance, your new appliance will not be eligible for coverage under the plan until a copy of the new purchase receipt is provided to Appliance Service Plan.

Do I receive the same cash allowance regardless of new-appliance cost?
Yes, the cash allowance is limited to the amount set forth in the Gold Plan Terms and Conditions, regardless of the cost to replace the appliance. Cash payments are limited to $2,500 per contract, per contract year.

Does the Gold Plan offer additional coverage beyond the cash allowance?
Yes, it offers coverage on additional appliance parts. Please refer to the Gold Plan Terms and Conditions for more information on these covered parts.

Can I cancel my Gold Plan, but keep my base plan?
Yes, but refer to the Gold Plan Terms and Conditions for cancellation guidelines.

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For full information about the plan, please read our Terms and Conditions. The Appliance Service Plan is not regulated by the Michigan Public Service Commission.